Zapier Growth

Selected projects from working on the Growth team at Zapier, a rapidly expanding web automation startup.

Zapier's sign up page

By speaking to what customers value and taking early advantage of Google One-tap sign up, we achieved a drastic increase in sign ups. Full size.

A few controls in different states

By carrying forward context from the previous page, visitors are more confident they’re on the right track.

The inline upgrade modal in Zapier's editor

Our Growth team saw a 75% lift in upgrades to a paid plan by identifying and reducing friction in the upgrade process, replacing a 9-step upgrade flow with a single modal. Full size.

Zapier's new global navigation

SEO is a major source of leads for Zapier. I designed a navigation menu spanning all of to help visitors explore more of Zapier’s offerings, which helped our Google ranking by decreasing bounce rates and passing PageRank to our most important pages.

Zapier's new global navigation

Zapier integrates with over 1,200 apps. We utilized a profile UX pattern to draw all knowledge about an app into one place, helping people discover relevant content and creating new opportunities for people to discover Zapier via Google. Our redesign touched over 422,000 landing pages.