A New Home

Update: Jekyll is out, hand-rolled is in! Jekyll is hard enough to install on Windows that I wrote a quick blogging engine with node.js and gulp.

Before now, I’ve tended to write in many different locations. From now on, this will be the one-stop-shop for everything. It’s new! It’s fun! It was created using Jekyll! You can find my previous writings here:

Why the move?

I was tired of feeling out of control. Wordpress made me fret over how the database was backed up. Quora doesn’t allow me to customize the look. Jekyll was the answer to both of these problems. I got started using Poole via this guide and only had to do a handful of tweaks to the poole master to get up and running.

Perhaps the only neat trick is a simple batch file that renames all of the *.html files to *.php to allow for PHP execution. This means it isn’t a truely static site, but it was the fastest way to pull in the existing header.php and footer.php look.